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                                                                                           UO brings Israeli
                                                                                           innovator to Eugene
                                                                                           as visiting scholar
                                                                                           – page 2

                                                                                           Wasserstrom joins
           Oct. 13, 2021 / Cheshvan 7, 5782   Volume 56, Issue 22                          mayor's office – page 2

        "Be there" for your community                                                      Climate change, the
                                                                                           law & Judaism – page 4
         You don’t need to show up – in person or vir-  it is not possible to gather.
        tually – in order to be there for your community.  “As much as we want to hug and engage and   Event briefs: EJC
         As  the pandemic continues down  an unpre-  bring people together, we can’t,” says JFGP   open house; Shabbat
        dictable path, the Jewish Federation of Greater  Campaign Director Wendy Kahn.
        Portland decided to focus on keeping everyone   “The Don’t Show  Gala is not a synchronous   Shebang; Shmita
        safe physically – by forgoing an in-person event  gathering of our entire community, but we en-  class; Israeli-
        – and emotionally – by not adding a Zoom com-  courage the community to celebrate where we   Ethiopian activist;
        mitment to busy online schedules.         have come from and where we are heading in a   and child survivor
         The Jewish Federation  of Greater Portland’s  way that is meaningful for them,” says Jessica
        first-ever  “Please  Don’t  Show  Gala”  is  a  Zutz Hilbert, who co-chairs the Federation cam-   – page 5
        fund-raising “event” that will enable donors to  paign with Ted Nelson.
        give their support as one community even when          See DON'T SHOW GALA, page 4  New books from local
        CSP brings back old favorites                                                      authors – page 6

                                    BY DEBORAH MOON                                        film,
                                     They’re back! “They” being animals, smiles and Jennifer Fel-  Zoom
                                    berg, all of which returned to Cedar Sinai Park this fall.
                                     The pandemic has seriously limited both human and animal vis-  with
                                    itors to senior living campuses for nearly 18 months. As much as   director
                                    residents have missed seeing family and friends, the loss of animal   – page 6
                                    visits also has been felt keenly.
                                     “Animals play a huge role in curbing depression and loneliness
                                    – especially in a skilled nursing and assisted-living setting,” says
                                    Jennifer, who returned to CSP in early September to serve as    22nd Oregon Jewish
                                    Director of Community Life.                            Voices comes to
                                     When Jennifer previously worked at CSP, she oversaw a “very   Zoom – page 7
                                    active animal therapy program that helped people.” She recalls one
                                    woman in hospice who was greatly calmed when a therapy cat   Chaplain's Corner:
                                    curled up with her for her final two hours.
                                                              See RETURNING TO CSP, page 7  Restore our comfort
                                    Benito the                                             zones – page 8
                                    therapy llama
                                    brought joy                                            Jobs Board: CSP,
                                    and smiles                                             BB Camp, MJCC,
                                    to residents
                                    at Rose                                                OJMCHE – page 9
                                    Manor and                                              Life-cycle: Worley-
                                    Harold                                                 Spiegel wedding
                                    Schnitzer                                              – page 10
                                    Center for
                                    Living on his
                                    first visit to                                         Obituaries: Fox
                                    Cedar Sinai                                            – page 10
                                    Park's senior
                                    campus since                                           Kol Shalom moves
                                    the pandemic                                           – page 10
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