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    There are many activities which go beyond the classroom.  Some of these are listed here

           Football              Gymnastics           Dance

           Choir                 Rounder's            Gift Team
           Netball               School Council       Rights Respecting School Steering Group

    Music lessons are also available for a range of instruments.  (Key Stage 2 only)

    Twice a year we have a School Book Fair to promote and foster a love of books.

    Year 5 have the opportunity to attend a day of retreat.
    Year 6 are given the opportunity to participate in a Residential Activity


    We place great emphasis on the importance of reading.  Children take home a selection of books every day and a
    dialogue is established between home and school by means of a Reading Record Notebook.   We encourage and
    expect children to read at home on a regular basis.

    Children  will  be  expected  to  do  some  learning  homework,  e.g.  tables,  spellings,  mental  maths,  poems,  etc.
    Children may also be asked to research a particular topic, or if necessary complete or repeat class work. From Year
    2 children are given homework on a regular basis.

                                          Love Life, Love Learning. Achieve together in God’s Love.
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