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                                                             St  Brendan  was  born  about  486  AD  in

                                                             Anneigh,  County  Kerry.    He  became  a

                                                             monk  and  founded  the  monastery  at

                                                             Clonfert of which he was abbot.  He was

                                                             responsible for several more foundations

                                                             in Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Brittany and

                                                             possibly  the  Faroe  Islands.    Brendan
                                                             worked tirelessly for the church and was

                 Love Life,                                  an  indefatigable  traveller.    When
              Love Learning.
           Achieve together in                               Brendan  returned  to  Ireland  after  his
                God’s Love.
                                                             travels, he devoted the remainder of his

                                                             life  to  helping  the  sick  and  preaching

                                                             God's word.  He died around 578 AD and

                                                             we celebrate his feast day on May 16 .

                                                             At  St  Brendan's  School,  we  try  to

                                                             emulate  our  Patron  Saint's  example  by

                                                             keeping  alive  that  spirit  of  adventure

                                                             which  gives  us  courage  to  do  what  is


      Love Life, Love Learning. Achieve together in God’s Love.
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