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                                                  WELCOME TO ST BRENDAN'S RC PRIMARY SCHOOL
              This is our School,

             Let it be full of love,              Dear Parents

            Love of one another,
                                                  I  am  delighted  to  offer  you  a  warm  welcome  to  St  Brendan’s
              Love of life itself,                School.  We are very proud of our school and our children.

                But most of all                   The  general  aims  and  philosophy  of  our  school  indicate  the
                                                  fundamental importance of this being a Roman Catholic Voluntary
              The love of Jesus
                                                  Aided School, promoting a Catholic Christian community in which
                Christ our Lord.                  all are valued and encouraged to show care, concern and love for

                     Amen.                        each other.

                                                  I feel confident that we - staff, governors, parents and parishioners
                                                  - will be able to work together for the benefit of your children in a
                                                  spirit of mutual trust and understanding.  Please do not hesitate to
                                                  come  and  discuss  any  aspect  of  your  child's  development.    We
                                                  need your concern, your interest and your confidence.

                                                  I  hope  this  Prospectus  will  give  you  an  insight  into  our  vibrant
                                                  school  community  where  children  thrive  and  have  fun  in  their

                                                  Yours sincerely

                                                  Mrs F Brindley

                                                  Head Teacher

                                          Love Life, Love Learning. Achieve together in God’s Love.
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