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               Be honest & kind

          Be fair & compassionate

          Be polite & respectful to

        Try your best in everything
                      you do

       Always walk in the footsteps
                     of Jesus

                                                  AIMS OF ST BRENDAN’S

                                                  The aim of the Governing Body and staff for our school are

               SCHOOL RIGHTS                        to  provide  a  caring,  Christian  environment  for  all    children

                                                     within  which  they  can  experience  a  broad  and    balanced
                                                     curriculum  incorporating  the  requirements  of  the  National
       At St Brendan’s all adults and                Curriculum
           children have the right:
                                                    to develop to the full the spiritual, intellectual, aesthetic and
               To be respected                       physical potential of all children

                     To learn                       to encourage all children to develop curiosity, confidence and
                                                     independence  as  learners  by  providing  a  variety  of  teaching
                   To be safe                        and learning styles

                                                    to provide an atmosphere of trust and understanding in which
                                                     all children can enjoy a sense of security and self-discipline

                                                    to develop all children’s ability to live and work harmoniously
                                                     together in the realisation that all have an equally important
                                                     contribution to make to the school and wider community

                                                    to  foster  the  co-operation  of  parents  in  an  endeavour  to
                                                     inculcate and promote Christian attitudes and values

      Love Life, Love Learning. Achieve together in God’s Love.
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