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Religious Life of Our School
                                               At St. Brendan’s we aspire to help every child reach their full potential
                                               as  a  child  of  God.  This  takes  place  in  a  school  where  there  is  an
                          I have come that they may have life and
                                               abundance of love and warmth. We follow the teachings of Jesus and, as
                                               we grow in spirit, every day is full of learning, fun and friendship.
                                               Our Mission is to foster a lifelong love of God, to prepare our children to
                                    John 10:10   live good Christian lives and to know that we are all brothers and sisters

                                               of Jesus united around the world.

                                               The Word of God is central to all that we do.  We aim to provide an
                               have it to the full.         and how to live their lives as missionary disciples of Christ.
                                               excellent  education  where  kindness,  respect  and  tolerance  are
                                               promoted and developed.  We teach pupils about the Catholic religion

                                               RE is the core of the core curriculum and we believe it is also evident
                                               each day in the classroom in the attitudes, responsibilities and skills we
                                               try to develop in our children, in the example of the staff and in the way
                                               we treat everyone we come into contact with.

                                               The 5 W’s – welcome, welfare, worship, word and witness underpin the

                                               growth  of  each  person’s  spirituality  and  the  spiritual  development  of
                                               our  school  community.  They  bring  a  comprehensible  structure  to  our

                                               work as Catholic educators and, crucially, allow the children to see their
                                               growth as ‘children of God’ in a rewarding and diverse way.

                                               In order that we might have life in all its fullness, our school family

                                               Word – Place the Word of God at the centre of all we do

                                               Welcome – Warmly welcome everyone to our school as Jesus welcomes
                                               us to the family of God

                                               Welfare  –  Love,  value  and  respect  each  other  as  Jesus  intended  and
                                               reach out to those who need us everywhere, making God’s world better
                                               Worship  –  Worship  the  Lord  our  God  joyfully  with  all  our  hearts,
                                               developing a sense of mystery and an appreciation of all God’s gifts to
                                               Witness – Be witnesses of a loving God, who is at the heart of all we do,
                                               by creating a happy atmosphere, lasting friendships and wonderful

                                               We promote outstanding spiritual, moral, cultural and social education,
                                               which  is  inherent  in  each  area  of  our  curriculum  and  in  all  areas  of
                                               school  life,  inside  and  outside  the  classroom.    Our  work  on  being  a
                                               Rights  Respecting  School  ensures  our  children  and  the  school
                                               community  learn  about  children’s  rights,  putting  them  into  practice
                                               every day.  We respect all rights of the CRC.

                                               ‘The best interests of the child must be the top priority in all things that
                                               affect children’. (Article 3)

                                          Love Life, Love Learning. Achieve together in God’s Love.
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