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                                                The  school  staff  are  dedicated  to  ensuring  St  Brendan’s  is  a  safe,
                                                healthy and effective place for children to learn. A list of current staff
                                                list can be found on our website:
                                       Information/Our Staff
                         The School Community

                                                Pupils are the focus of all that the school does. We are proud of our
                                                children  and  are  often  complimented  on  their  good  manners  and
                                                behaviour by visitors to our school and when we are out on visits in the
                                                community. Pupil voice is an important aspect in ensuring a sense of
                                                partnership whereby pupils have an input into the life of the school.
                                                Our older pupils are essential  members of the school leadership team
                                                and carry out their duties as School Chaplains and Prefects.

                                                As a Voluntary Aided school the Governors run the school on behalf of
                                                The Diocese of Salford. The Governors are made up of various groups
                                                including:  Foundation  Governors  (representing  the  Bishop);  Parent
                                                Governors; Staff Governors and an LA Governor.


                                                The school supports the parish of Corpus Christi in the preparation of
                                                our  children  for  the  Sacraments  of  Reconciliation  and  receiving  the
                                                Eucharist at their First Holy Communion.
                                                Our daily Collective Act of Worship is an important part of our school
                                                day.  This  may  take  the form  of  whole  school  or  key  stage  assembly,
                                                Mass  or  class  prayers.  Classes  will  lead  prayer  services,  Mass  and
                                                assemblies, to which parents are invited.


                                                We actively encourage a close partnership with parents and school and
                                                listen  carefully  to  their  point  of  view.  There  are  a  number  of
                                                opportunities for parents to be involved in the daily life of our school.
                                                Class  Mass  and  assemblies  are  an  opportunity  for  parents  to  join  in
                                                prayer and celebrations.

                                                ST BRENDAN’S PTA
                                                All parents of children at the school are automatically members of the

                                                The meetings are informal and open to all parents.  Information can be
                                                found on their Facebook page:


      Love Life, Love Learning. Achieve together in God’s Love.
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