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                                                  St  Brendan’s  is  a  Voluntary  Aided  primary  school  offering
                                                  education to children from Reception (4 to 5 years of age) to Year
                                                  6 (10 to 11 years of age).  Each Year from Reception to Year 6 has
                                                  30 children. Should the school be oversubscribed, the admissions

                                                  criteria will apply. The Admissions Policy is on page 7 and 8 of this

                                                  CLASS ORGANISATION

                                                  Each child is supported and encouraged in all areas, performing at
                                                  a level commensurate with his or her capabilities.
                                                  Teachers  assess  each  child  as  they  enter  Reception  class.
                                                  Continuous assessments also take place during the first year and
                                                  all subsequent years in school.
                                                  Children are taught for most of the time by their class teacher, but
                                                  occasionally by teachers who have a special skill to offer.
                    School Organisation &
                                                  Teaching Assistants play a vital role in the teaching of our children
                                                  and are used in a variety of different ways to support and enhance
                                                  the class teaching.

                                                  THE SCHOOL DAY
                                                         8.45 am               Doors open
                                                         8.55 am               Registration
                            Admission Policy
                                                         10.45 am -11.00 am  Morning playtime
                                                         12.10 pm -1.10 pm     Lunchtime

                                                         3.10 pm               End of school day

                                                  School is open from 8.45 am to enable the children to settle into
                                                  class prior to the bell at 8.55 am.  Pupils arriving after 8.55 am will

                                                  be marked as late.

                                                  COMMUNICATION WITH PARENTS
                                                  We  communicate  with  parents  and  carers  in  various  ways,  for
                                                  example through our newsletters and questionnaires. Parents are
                                                  regularly invited to assemblies and to Parents’ Evenings. Parents
                                                  will  also  receive  a  mid-year  progress  report  and  a  report  at  the
                                                  end of each school year.
                                                  Every  year  parents  and  family  members  are  invited  to  attend  a
                                                  variety  of events. The school has a Home School Agreement to
                                                  support the partnership between home and school. The School’s
                                                  website  has  a  wealth  of  information  including  our  newsletters,
                                                  class pages, copies of key policies and curriculum information.

                                          Love Life, Love Learning. Achieve together in God’s Love.
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