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                                                                                How do I get

                                                                                6-pack abs?

                                        We are Your                                       A Happy Medium
                                   Local Full Service                         “Everything  in  moderation“  is  standard
                                       Travel Agency                          advice for how much to eat, drink, workout,
                                                                              sleep and screen time.
                                    Planning a Trip?                          When it come down to how much or how

                                   We can help with all your                  little to stay in that healthy zone, it really
                                            travel needs                      comes down to “Everything in Moderation.”
                                    Experience Real German Service
                                          Call us                             Exercise: If your idea of an easy bike ride
                                                                              or walk outside, the guidelines say at least
                                                                              30 minutes 5 times a week. But if your idea
              239•471•9643                                                    of exercise is to get a good sweat on and

                                                                              letting those endorphins kick in then you
                                        might want to stick to a spinning class or
                                                                              a boot camp style workout that consists of
                                                                              interval training you will be good doing this
                                                                              3-4 times a week. Doing too much might
                                                                              lead to overuse injuries or pain in joints and

                                                                              Sleep:  Seven  to  Eight  hours  is  the
                                                                              recommend  shut  eye  for  most  adults.
                                                                              Staying up 19 hours or more can lead the
                                                                              risk of tiredness and contribute to obesity
                                                                              and increase of cardiovascular risk. The best
                                                                              bet is to stay on a consistent sleep pattern
                                                                              keeping the same schedule 7 days a week.

                                                                              Diet:  Try and be consistent and chose clean,
                                                                              healthy  meals  throughout  the  day  and
                                                                              night. It’s ok to cheat and have pizza, wings
                                                                              and beer.  If you keep it in moderation it’s
                                                                              ok! Everyone always beats them selves up
            WE DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME EVERY TIME!                         for having ice cream, pizza, etc., it’s better

                                                                              to go with your cravings and then get back
                                                                              on your clean eating.

                                                                              Screen  Time:  Try  setting  some  limits  on
                                                                              how  often  you  are  checking  your  emails,
                                                                              face  book  or  social  media.  You  would
                                     FTD Master Florist
                                                                              be  surprised  how  quickly  this  time  adds
                                                                              up where you could be going for a walk,
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