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         FMPD Presents Officer of                          Meet the new
              the Month Awards                         Executive Director
        The Fort Myers Police Department presented     of the Cape Coral
        Officer  of  the  Month  Awards  to  five  different   Animal Shelter
        members of the department on Thursday, June
        20th  at  its  bi-weekly  Citi-Stat  review.  Chief
        Derrick Diggs read letters of recommendation
        from citizens and  superiors  on outstanding
        efforts  by  officers  and  detectives  who  were
        recognized for their dedication.
                                                    Liz McCauley, a native of Pennsylvania,  comes to the Cape  Coral
        The Mission BBQ Officer of the Month Award   Animal Shelter with over 30 years of experience and a Master’s Degree
        was  presented  to  Officer  Manuel  Massa  for   in Business with a specific concentration in Non-profit Leadership and
        assisting a citizen involved  in a hit and run   Management.
        accident.  Officer  Masa  is  pictured  with  Chief
        Derrick Diggs and Mission BBQ representative   As a little girl who brought home and nurtured countless homeless critters
        Kimberly Boklage.                           during her childhood, she spent many years volunteering in various
                                                    aspects of animal rescue. In 2007, while adopting her first dog from a
        The  FMPD  Officer  of  the  Month  Award  was   local shelter, a staff member told her he was most likely a “puppy mill
        given to Officers Jimmy Hernandez and Yanny   breeder  dog”. From that moment, Liz’s life was forever changed  and
        Morales  for  investigative  work  that  led  to  the   she has spent the last 12 years fighting to strengthen the animal cruelty
        arrest of a robbery suspect.                laws nationwide through tougher legislation and educating people about
                                                    animal neglect and abuse.
        The  Investigators  of  the  Month  Award  went
        to  Detectives  Rochelle  Curr  and  James   In 2015, Liz became the Executive Director of one of the largest open-
        Langton who were commended by the State     admission  animal  shelters  in Eastern Pennsylvania  where  she had
        Attorney’s  office  for  their  investigative  work   previously served on the fundraising committee, the board of directors,
        and professionalism. Detective Curr is pictured   and as a foster. During her tenure, she led the organization in expanding
        with Chief Diggs (Detective Langton was not   the foster program,  developing  relationships  with other rescues,
        available.)                                 implementing new programs and procedures, and substantially increasing
                                                    live release rates for both dogs and cats—an extremely difficult task for
        Congratulations to all the FMPD rank and file   a shelter that is responsible for county-wide animal control. Liz became
        who continue to go above and beyond the call   a Pennsylvania Humane Police Officer in 2016 and assisted with animal
        of duty.                                    cruelty investigations throughout the region.

                                                    After moving to the “Sunshine State” in October of 2017 to escape the
                                                    freezing cold winters, Liz took the job as Shelter Manager for the Gulf
                                                    Coast Humane  Society. Striving  to ease  the burden  placed  on animal
                                                    control facilities throughout SWFL,  Liz developed  relationships  and
                                                    worked tirelessly to save unwanted, abandoned, and abused animals.

                                                    Her passion for animals, experience in rescue, and education in the non-
                                                    profit sector will help guide CCAS as we embark on our mission to save
                                                    and protect the animals of our region and find them forever homes.

                                                    Liz and her husband Bobby enjoy spending time with their four rescue
                                                    dogs—Sammy,  Abbey  (pictured),  Holly,  and  Buckey  (pictured).  They
                                                    reside on Pine Island and are having a blast discovering all the benefits of
                                                    living in a “tropical paradise.”

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