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                                                                                                  By Tony Henkels

                                                                              The finest forgiving is forgetting.

                                                                              The  happiest  people  don’t
                                                                              always  have  everything.  They
                                                                              make the best of what they have.

                                                                              The  hardest  instrument  to  play
                                                                              gracefully is second fiddle.

                                                                              Nothing  is  really  work  unless
                                                                              you’d rather be doing something

          "Neck pain and arm pain were two things I suffered with for over 30 years. It affected my sleep   A smile has immense face value.
          and work life and bothered me daily. I also couldn’t move my arm in certain motions. I went to
          other doctors, and the pain would become manageable but never fully went away. That all   When  you  fail,  call  it  learning
          changed when I met the Experience Family Chiropractic team at a local event. After starting care,   and move on.
          the knots and pain in my neck were gone and have yet to come back; my range of motion in my arm
          has improved as well. I wish I had started chiropractic care sooner! The Experience Family
          Chiropractic staff is great and the office is beautiful; I definitely recommend chiropractic care to   People  who  live  beyond  their
          others." - Kathleen
                                                                              means  must  be  given  a  lot  of

                                                                              The best way to win is to forget

                                                                              the score.
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                                                                              Gratitude  is  always  the  right
                  Experience Family Chiropractic                              attitude.

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           “Building a healthy community, one family at a time”               Our  greatest  triumph  is  rising
                               Dr. Omar Clark                                 every time we fall.

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