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By Tony Henkels             COMEDY

                                                                              A teacher decides to let students out
                                                                              early  if they can name some quote

                                                                              Teacher:  “Who said  ‘Four  Score  and
                                              Child & Teen                    Seven Years Ago’?”

                                                                              Before  Johnny  can open his  mouth,
                                                 Maternity                    Susie says, “Abraham Lincoln.”

                                              Engagements                     “That’s right, Susie, you can go home.”

                                                     Pets                     Teacher: “Who said ‘I Have a Dream’?”

                                                                              Before  Johnny  can open his  mouth,
                                                Corporate                     Mary says, “Martin Luther King.”
                                                                              “That’s right, Mary, you can go.”

                                                                              Teacher: “Who said ‘Ask not what your
                                                                              country can do for you’?”
                                                                              Before  Johnny  can open his  mouth,
                                                                              Nancy says, “John F. Kennedy.”
                                              (239) 313-1477                  “That’s right, Nancy, you may also
                                                                              The teacher turns her back and then
                                                                              Johnny yells in frustration,
                                                                              “I wish those dumb b%^$&s would
          PROGRESSIVE, NON-AGGRESSIVE SOLUTIONS                               keep their f*%$#@ mouths shut!”

          NON-SURGICAL SKIN TIGHTENING                                        The teacher quickly turns around. She
          PAIN MANAGEMENT                                                     is livid and asks...
          WEIGHT MANAGEMENT                                                   “WHO SAID THAT?!”
          OVERALL WELLNESS                                                    Johnny replies: “Harvey Weinstein, Bill
                                                                              Clinton, and Matt Lauer. I’ll  see you
          1404 DEL PRADO BLVD S, SUITE 100                                    tomorrow?”
          CAPE CORAL, FL 33990

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