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          By Tony Henkels



         Baseball  Cop -  Eddie  Dominguez.  After  a  career  as a  Boston cop  &         Not
         member of an FBI task force, he went to work for MLB Department of
         Investigations.  He  was  tasked  with  finding  players  who  were  using   Harder!
         performance enhancing drugs & steroids. He writes about the cover ups,         �����
         corruption and cheating going on throughout professional sports. ♥♥
         The Cryotron Files - Iain Dey & Douglas Buck. The story of Dudley Buck
         a  brilliant  computer scientist  who pioneered microchip  technology He
         died unexpectedly (mysteriously?)  in 1959 at the age of 32. ♥♥♥♥    Of the most qualified

         Bad Blood - John Carryrou. NY Times reporter writes the story of Thernos     ���������
         & founder/CEO, Elizabeth Holemes. A Silicon Valley start up, they used    in Fort Myers &
         lies & secrecy to raise billions of dollars from people like George Schultz,   Cape Coral?
         Henry Kissinger, General James Mattis & others. She had Hillary Clinton
         & Barack Obama as friends. ♥♥♥♥♥

         Unnecessary  Roughness -  Jose Baez with George  Willis.  Aaron
         Hernandez’s  lawyer  got  an  acquittal  for  him  on  a  double  murder  &
         reviews his defense in the trial. This lawyer also got an acquittal for Casey
         Anthony,  charged  with  killing  her  daughter.  Aaron  committed  suicide
         after  his  acquittal.  He  was  in  prison  on  a  previous  murder  conviction.
         The Mamba Mentality - Kobe Bryant. Strictly for basketball fans. Kobe
         describes how he played the game, mentally, physically, & analytically. He
         analyzes many players he played against. Lots of pictures. ♥♥♥

         Heavens  on  Earth -  Michael Shermer.  Pretty  difficult  read  about  the
         scientific  search  for  the  afterlife,  immortality  &  utopia.  Also  different   CALL or EMAIL US
         religions, Gods & beliefs. ♥♥♥                                         We can create the most
         Brief Answers To The Big Questions - Stephen Hawkins. Author was     efficient and cost-effective
         probably  the  most  brilliant  scientist  of  the  last  century.  Gets  pretty   Print & Digital campaign to
         deep  into  physics,  black  holes,  cosmology,  does  God  exist,  &  artificial   reach your perfect
         Intelligence. ♥♥♥♥                                                    customers, on both sides
                                                                                       of the bridge!
         Killing the SS - Bill O’Reilly & Marvin Dugard. Another “killing” book
         which  reads  like  a  documentary,  giving  detailed  background  of  many   SALESTEAM@239STYLE.COM
         German SS & others in German politics and military & how they were             941.888.0130
         brought to justice many years later. Some unexpected surprises. ♥♥♥♥♥

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