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“We know about earthquakes here in Wellington,” asserted a waiter  The cruise itself was divided into two legs, both of which were carried
        at the Thistle Inn. After a satisfying meal, my colleague and I were  out on the R/V Roger Revelle. The first and longer of the two legs
        giving an abridged rundown of our cruise objectives to this excited  involved the collection of the four lines of CSEM data shown in
        employee. It was a day or so before we would leave for a month-long  Figure 1, in addition to the deployment of 42 OBEMs for collection
        voyage to deploy ocean bottom electromagnetometers (OBEMs) for  of passive MT data.
        controlled-source electromagnetic (CSEM) and magnetotelluric   I had never been to sea for more than a few hours - as a geophysics
        (MT) imaging of the subseafloor off New Zealand’s north island.   PhD student, I would spend most of my days in front of a computer
        Curious about our business in New Zealand, our waiter warned us   rather than performing manual labor. I am pretty accustomed to
        that talking about earthquakes was making people anxious in his   having stable ground beneath my feet and a bed that doesn’t rock
        country. Somehow, it was refreshing to find a non-geophysicist who   at night.
        thought our work was important. But it also impressed upon me the
        urgency to make this cruise a success.                 Everything about the experience was new for me.

         Figure 1. Survey map showing location of leg 1 OBEM deployments (green
         triangles), leg 2 OBEM deployments (magenta squares), CSEM tows (peach lines),
         and GNS land receivers (white and blue circles). Inset shows regional tectonics

     -37                                                              2000     “
                                                                                         It was very educating and
                                                                                       fun to work with instruments
           North Island, NZ                                                             also took home some ideas
                                                                                         other than the ones I am
     -38                                                              0     Topography (m)  used to from my institute. I

                                                                                         for organizing science on

     -39                                                              -2000            research vessels, which might  ”
                                                                                          benefit my work group.
                                                                                                      - Gesa Franz

                                                                 CSEM tow
                                                                 Leg 1 Receivers
                                                                 Leg 2 Receivers
                                                                 GNS Land MT               Right page: The Scripps Undersea
                                                                 GNS Lake MT              Electromagnetic Source Instrument
                                                                                         (SUESI) with leg 1 participants. Back
                                                                                       left to right: Chief Scientist Samer Naif,
                                                                                           Eric Attias, Christine Chesley, Chris
            175      176      177      178      179      180                          Armerding, Dallas Sherman, Gesa Franz,
                                                                                          Andi Adams, and Bar Oryan. Front
                                                                                       kneeling left to right: Daniel Blatter and
                                                                                         Jake Perez. Photo credit: Samer Naif
                                                                                                  Left: R/V Roger Revelle.
                                                                                                   Photo credit: Kerry Key

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