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Photo by Ellen Knappe

                                                                            Photo by Noel Bartlow

                                                                            Photo by William Hoover

                                                                      Thank you to all contestants who have participated in the fourth
                                                                        edition of the GeoPRISMS Photo Contest at the 2018 AGU Fall
                                                                       Meeting. Learn more about the contest and all participants at:

                                                            Congratulations to James Muirhead,

                                                      winner of the GeoPRISMS Photo Contest

                                                                       at the 2018 AGU Fall Meeting

                                                            A torn landscape on Gelai volcano in the Natron basin, Tanzania. In this sector
                                                              of the East African Rift System, magmatic-tectonic interactions culminate in
                                                               volcanism, earthquakes, and release of large carbon dioxide volumes. This
                                                           image, taken in May 2018, illustrates such interactions, where Professor Tobias
                                                              Fischer investigates a fissure resulting from dike-induced faulting occurring
                                                             about eleven years before. Small volcanic cones (<100 m high) of the Naibor
                                                           Soito field are observed in the mid ground. The much larger Kerimasi (left) and
                                                             Oldoinyo Lengai (right) composite volcanoes are in the background, with the
                                                              latter erupting explosively during this volcanic-tectonic crisis in 2007-2008.
                                                                                              Photo credit: James Muirhead

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