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The Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society

                 In 2003, the Government of Canada declared that Sheringham Point Lighthouse was no longer needed to ensure maritime safety.  Advances
                 in technolgoy meant that the Lighthouse was to be discarded – torn down, sold off for other uses or, simply, left to rot and, eventually to fall

                 In response, a small group of neighbours gathered to form the Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society.  They were determined
                 that the Lighthouse, which had stood for 100 years as a symbol of their community, would not be lost.  For the next twelve years, the So-
                 ciety’s volunteers worked extremely hard to fight for the lighthouse’s protection, doing everything they could to raise awareness about the
                 threat to the Lighthouse.  They rallied their community, local businesses and other groups, lobbied and strategized with all levels of govern-
                 ment, raised funds and, eventually, put forward a plan to take on the responsibility to care for the Lighthouse themselves.

                 In 2015, the Society’s efforts were successful.  The government agreed to transfer the property to the Society, and also at the same time they
                 officially designated Sheringham Point Lighthouse as a “Canadian Heritage Lighthouse”.  As the new owners and stewards the Society is now
                 working to restore the Lighthouse to its former glory, and to make sure it will always be accessible for the public to enjoy and appreciate.

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