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Exploring the Lighthouse

                                                                                   “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to
                                                                                   see without a camera.”
                                                                                                                     ~ Dorothea Lange, Photographer

               “Photography represents the world
               we know, and suggests a world                                       Reflecting what you see...
               beyond what we can see.  Creativity

               is the gap between perception and                                   Photography is a powerful tool for exploring the world around us.  It
               knowledge.”                                                         causes us to focus more intently on what we are looking at, to look more
                         ~ Emmet Gowin, Photographer                               closely, pay attention to the details, and take nothing for granted.  It cre-
                                                                                   ates an intimate connection with the subject and with the environment
                                                                                   that surrounds it.

                                                                                   While it’s a very personal process, the end result is universal.  To appreci-
                                                                                   ate a photograph requires no ability to read, no language in common, no
                                                                                   prerequisite level of education or life experience.  Just an ability to see and
                                                                                   to feel, and a willingness to participate.

                                                                                   For this part of the program, we provided each student with a cell phone
                                                                                   camera and some basic instruction in its use, as well a brief overview of
                                                                                   the art of photography.  Then we asked them to take photographs while
                                                                                   they were at the lighhouse, focusing on the things that caught their atten-
                                                                                   tion and/or their imagination.  When we returned to the school later, each
                                                                                   student chose his or her favourite photo, and explained why they chose it.

                                                                                   There were lots of amazing photographs – creative and insightful!  The
                                                                                   following pages showcase their chosen photographs.  Enjoy!

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