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Exploring the Lighthouse                    Exploring the Lighthouse

 ...A Brief History of the Lighthouse

 Following construction of the fog alarm building - ca 1926                        “The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to

 tated through a clockwork mechanism of pulleys and weights – each about           see without a camera.”
 180 kg – that had to be re-wound every three hours.  Because of the size                                            ~ Dorothea Lange, Photographer
 and weight of the lens, it was seated in a bed of liquid mercury, to allow it
 to turn without much friction.
                                                                                   Reflecting what you see...
 In 1925, a fog-alarm building was added to the site, and a new “diaphone”
 (two-tone) fog-horn was installed.  Originally a wooden, peaked-roof
 building, constructed in front of the tower, this building was replaced in        Photography is a powerful tool for exploring the world around us.  It
 1976 with the concrete block building that is still on site.  The diesel en-      causes us to focus more intently on what we are looking at, to look more
 gines that provided power for the site were also located in this building.        closely, pay attention to the details, and take nothing for granted.  It cre-
                                                                                   ates an intimate connection with the subject and with the environment
 A number of other structures were added to the site over the years, includ-       that surrounds it.
 ing radio towers and sheds, a fallout shelter (that was actually never used   Following construction of the boat house - 1912
 as such, but was used to grow mushrooms), other utility buildings and, in         While it’s a very personal process, the end result is universal.  To appreci-
 1964, a new, more modern house for the Lightkeeper.                               ate a photograph requires no ability to read, no language in common, no
                                                                                   prerequisite level of education or life experience.  Just an ability to see and
 During the 1980s, the Lighthouse was automated and it was finally de-             to feel, and a willingness to participate.
 staffed in 1989 when the last lightkeeper left.  Except for the tower and
 the engine room (fog-alarm building), all the other structures on site were   “Photography represents the world we know,   For this part of the program, we provided each student with a cell phone
 taken down, or deliberately burned, to avoid vandalism.                           camera and some basic instruction in its use, as well a brief overview of
                     and suggests a world beyond what we can see.                  the art of photography.  Then we asked them to take photographs while
 Left largely unattended for the next thirty years, the Lighthouse began   Creativity is the gap between perception and   they were at the lighhouse, focusing on the things that caught their atten-
 to deteriorate and was in danger of being lost forever.  Then, after many   knowledge.”  tion and/or their imagination.  When we returned to the school later, each
 years of lobbying by the local community, in 2015, it was transferred to the   ~ Emmet Gowin, Photographer  student chose his or her favourite photo, and explained why they chose it.
 Sheringham Point Lighthouse Preservation Society, and it is now being
 restored to its original glory.                                                   There were lots of amazing photographs – creative and insightful!  The
                                                                                   following pages showcase their chosen photographs.  Enjoy!

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