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                                                            “ We have done some images
                                                            of Trudy photo-shopped in to
                                                            give the appearance of what
                                                            the Freedom Dog Park might
                                                            look like. It is such an
                                                            amazing opportunity, so
                                                            please join us to make the
                                                            lives of our dogs more en-
                                                            riched and make them more
                                                            adoptable. We cannot do it
                                                            without you! Please share
                                                            with your friends, like it on
                                                            FB and donate if you can.”


Monika is pictured above with the gorgeous Mumbo

Dear Readers,                                               In this issue we also meet some of our mature adopted
                                                            dogs and their families talk about some of their
This month is really special as we have a big plan          encounters and the work they have done to continue
we want to unfold at Doggiewood – but we need               their road of recovery. Senior dogs are so rewarding
your help. We want to construct a Freedom Dog               and in many senses so much easier than their younger
Park so all our dogs can regularly run free, catch          counterparts. Read about Paddy and Bruce p16.
frisbees, stretch their legs and get rid of all their
pent up energy!                                             We still continue to get a number of small dogs through,
                                                            but they seem to be more oldies who mostly have been
We told some of our furkids about the plan. Sugar,          in a neglected state like Waffle and Meg. These dogs are
Guinness and Pearl cannot wait to play, bark and            ever so grateful for a warm bed, gentle word and touch.
squeak that squeaky toy! Wow!                               Read the stories about Chloe and Meelah who have
                                                            been given that second chance and what they mean to
Trudy, who is a little wiser and older says….really?        their families now.
Am I really going to be allowed to participate? It almost
sounds too good to be true. Ruben looks a little per-        This month we are also chatting about our
plexed about it all and not sure if he should get excited.   monthly Laing & Simmons Narrabeen pet of
Sam has his ears pricked but not really sure what to do      the week promotions. These are proving very
and even if he can cope with wide open spaces. That          popular on social media and we are hoping will
might be scary! Mumbo being pretty new here has just         lead to more forever homes. See p27
caught onto the news and is getting pretty excited and
ready to rush in. Look at the size of it!
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