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    DoggieRescue Freedom Dog Park
            Fund Raising Campaign

Trudy is a large,                                          “ For many years we have
energetic girl.                                            dreamt about having some sort
She needs room                                             of a dog park where our dogs
to run….                                                   get to release all their energy
                                                           freely on a daily basis. It has
                                                           always just been a dream.
                                                           Now, more than ever before,
                                                           with mostly larger dogs at our
                                                           shelter, our dogs need to be
                                                           able to stretch their legs and
                                                           release all that pent up
                                                           energy and be calm and happy.
                                                           Please help us achieve our goal
                                                           and you too can share the
                                                           enjoyment of playing with some
                                                           of these dogs in this open
                                                           field.” Monika

DoggieRescue’s Freedom Dog Park will help in               But there’s a problem
the rehabilitation of abandoned and neglected
dogs in our care. With your help, we will give             Many of the dogs coming to DoggieRescue from council
them room to run, play and heal, ready for their           pounds are larger breeds who have been caged for
new homes.                                                 days, weeks or months with no space to run or play. Not
                                                           only are they abandoned and alone, but deprived of
A little bit of context                                    physical exercise and the opportunity to behave like a
                                                           dog. By the time we meet them, so many are withdrawn,
DoggieRescue is a no kill shelter that has saved and       depressed and highly stressed.
re-homed over 12,600 dogs. Our kennels on Sydney’s
Northern Beaches are known as DoggieWood -                 Our wonderful volunteers give our dogs regular on-lead
providing safe haven for abandoned, abused and             walks but it is not enough. These dogs need the
neglected animals – a place where they are safe for life.  opportunity to run, sniff and play - to rebuild their
We work hard to mend their bodies and restore their joy    confidence and restore their spirits. Physical exercise
for life. We teach them to trust again, and prepare them   reduces stress and helps our dogs to recover; physically
for a loving home. We turn their lives around.             and mentally. They need a place to run!
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