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10                                          AUGUST 2018 DOGGIERESCUE.COM CATS E-MAGAZINE

             TOO MANY CATS

                        Compiled from information at

         Every year in
        Australia 1,000’s

          of CATS are
         abandoned to
         shelters or the
        street, facing an

       uncertain future
       and the very real

       risk of being put        “Nicola”
            down….              2yrs Female
                                Silver/Grey Tabby

                                             government  to stop the unrestricted breeding and
     The fate of the homeless
                                             selling of companion animals and establish life-saving

                                             rehoming and desexing strategies. The role of killing
     It seems inconceivable that as a society we have come   homeless animals often falls to those who care most —
      to accept the killing of thousands of healthy companion    the employees of animal shelters. This task can take a
      animals — rather than demanding proactive solutions by    terrible  personal toll.

        Imp-6650         “ Lewis”
        3yrs  Male
        Ginger/White                                   So, why are there too

                                                       many cats in Australia?
                                                       Australians love dogs and cats. These
                                                       companion animals are often our best
                                                       friends and beloved family members.
                                                       Over one in three Australian house-
                                                       holds include a dog, and one in four is
                                                       home to a cat. Yet sadly, not every dog
                                                       and cat in Australia finds a loving
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