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6                                      AUGUST 2018  DOGGIERESCUE.COM CATS E- MAGAZINE

     •   Feature     DOGGIERESCUE A NO KILL SHELTER                          Written by Deb Rouse

      Doggie Rescue is a no-kill
      shelter, one of the few true
      no-kill rescue groups of a
      reasonable size in NSW.

      On these two pages are some
      easy ways you can help and                      “ Harper” Pure
                                                      black & beautiful
      bring happiness to an abandoned
      pet, and help us to save more!

                                          What does no-kill mean? Wiki contains the definition
                                          “A "no-kill" shelter is an animal shelter that does not kill
                                          healthy or treatable animals even when the shelter is full,
                                          reserving euthanasia for terminally ill animals or those
                                          considered dangerous to public safety.”  Unfortunately
                             Hugo loves to   there are some who like to apply their own interpretation on
                             play...      “healthy” and “behavioural issues”, and euthanize animals
                                          based on the adoptability within a limited timeframe. Doggie
                                          Rescue does not do this.
                                          Biggest myth about no-kill shelters: The biggest
                                          myth about no-kill shelters is that they are always
                                          full and cannot accept new animals.

                                          Doggie Rescue has a well proven reputation for animals
                                          being adopted each week, and is always taking in new
                                          rescues, most often those on death row who have not been
                                          adopted by the public or other rescue groups. These are
                                          most often the hardest cases, as they are not considered
                                          pretty enough, or are too big, or too old, or with medical
                                          conditions needing vet care, or timid, or having various
                                          levels of anxiety of having been abandoned on the streets
                                          or surrendered at a pound. Yet with the special care at
                                          Doggie Rescue, new families with kind hearts are found.
                                          Advocate for desexing & a pet for life approach:
                                          DoggieRescue ensures all our doggies and kitties to be
                                          adopted are desexed. We also check with new families to
                                          ensure they are dedicated to keeping the new family
                                          fur-child for life, and consider what may happen and options
                                          for care if something significant happens to the fur-parents.
                                          In these ways we are looking to proactively address the
                                          number of animals abandoned and surrendered.
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