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AUGUST 2018 DOGGIERESCUE.COM CATS E- MAGAZINE                                          7


      How can you help most? Our well established rescue routines for
      doggies has started to be applied to helping kitties, however resources
      are limited in both cases! Like most rescue groups we run mainly on
      donations and the help of volunteers.

       Firstly: please make a donation,

      $’s are the most powerful and useful as $’s can be turned to the
      most pressing needs as these change throughout the year.

       •  For online donations please see,
          and click on the “Donations” tab or complete a donation at the
          shelter office – you know everything over $2 is tax deductible :)

       •  And there are other donations such as sponsoring an animal or
          helping with specific medical expenses for some of the rescued
          bubs. You may even make a donation on behalf of a person’s     “ Doggie Rescue has a  well
          birthday or other celebratory event.
                                                         proven reputation for  animals
                                                         being adopted each week, and
                                                         is always taking in new
                                                         rescues, most often those on
                                                         death row who have not been
                                                         adopted by the public or other
                                                         rescue groups.” Deb

                                                       Secondly: become a volunteer.

                                                       It is not easy giving up your spare
                                                       leisure time to generally come and
                                                       “muck-in” helping the doggies and
                                                       kitties at the shelter. Cleaning and
                                                       feeding are the kindest basic things one
                                                       can do for an animal, and of course
                                                       there is the opportunity for “cuddles”.
                                                       Check out the ways you can volunteer
                                                       at and
                                                       click on the “Help Us” tab. All sorts of
                                                       skills are needed in all sorts of ways.
                                                       And of course, “love the one
       Volunteer Amelia-                               you got”, take care of all your
       getting a cuddle
       from Pinocchio                                  fur-children, and enjoy their
                                                       close friendship for life.
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