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Dear Readers,

Wow, doesn’t Pearl look sweet? Do
the Poodle ears give her a sense of
cuteness and more appeal? Does it
make her more adoptable?

We have 19 Staffy X dogs at Doggie
Rescue – some 17% of all the breeds we
have. Why is that? Why are pounds full of
Staffy type dogs? Is it that they attract the
wrong type of person? Are they over bred
by backyard breeders? They are quickly
abandoned because they:

   • escape?

   • scratch at doors?

   • jump fences?

   • dig holes?

So many of them in the pound are
1-3yo and have hardly got through their
teenage years!

Staffies are such loyal family dogs but        “ With Mother’s Day approaching, why not
they need active families willing to run/jog
and play with them and TRAIN them. As          come out and give one of our four legged Mums
cute and gentle as they are with their         a hug? Miss Heather, pictured with me is just
family, shelter Staffies have generally not    one of these, who would be delighted with some
been well socialised and trained at an
early age so they need a committed             TLC and some love. ”
family to make up for lost time.

                                               Xena, Sugar, Elly and even Ranger and Raven are trying
                                               the cute Staffoodle look just to get noticed. Albie and Neo
                                               ( pictured at left ) also pinched the head gear to see what
                                               response they would get and if it helps get them a home!

               I’m so                          We have certainly adopted quite a number of Staffies
               adore-a-BULL!                   over the years from abused fighting dogs covered in
                                               scars to pregnant Staffies. In the following pages we
                                               hear what some of these dogs have been up to, as well
                                               as their offspring. It was sad to hear Diamond has left us.
                                               She was such a sweetheart girl. Her Mum, who only had
                                               her 4 months wears her ashes around her neck so she
                                               can always be with her.
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