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   Meet Our Designer Breed...

Bull breeds are powerful                                        A long term
dogs and need aware and                                         Staffy girl…
                                                                This is Xena
responsible owners who can
optimise their many, many           We have many rescued Staffy and Staffy
positive attributes and             crosses at Doggie Rescue. Most wait many
                                    months to find a family who understand and
kindly train and manage             love the breed. Some of our Staffies have
their considerable potential        waited years for a home, constantly by
                                    passed for the smaller, fluffier breeds.
towards their natural
inclination to love and obey.

Staffies are highly intelligent,
affectionate and eager to please,
giving you a lifetime of devotion.
Sadly people don’t always
associate the breed with these
qualities. Pounds Australia wide
are full of abused, over
bred and dumped
Staffie breeds.
Many don’t

Hi, I’m                                                       Well, this month our Staffies are out
Pearl                                                         to show they are JUST AS CUTE as a
                                                              Poodle or a Maltese! They might be
                                                              larger, they might need more training
                                                              and an active family but the love and
                                                              devotion they show to the people
                                                              they bond to is beyond compare.

                                    Xena Staffy x 9yrs Female Sponsor: “Good luck!” Christin Schaller
                                    Pearl Staffy x 10mths Female Sponsor: “With love from Beth Gentle
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