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JUNE 2018 DOGGIERESCUE.COM CATS E-MAGAZINE                     5



“ We’re Pinocchio & Jiminy” A Bonded Pair     Esmerelda 2yrs Black/White
                                              Female Everyone’s favourite!
    “ We’re Tommy & Lil” A Bonded Pair        Sponsor: “ I think you are purrfect!”
                                    I’m       Doris the Cat

                                  Adeline     Tennessee 1yr Male He’s a little
                                              sweetheart. He needs family to
   More photos & videos on LoveRescueKitties  love and cherish him!
                                              Willy Wonka He’s a handsome
                                              Tuxedo/Grey ripples. Male. Very
                                              affectionate. Sponsor: “ For our
                                              rainbow bridge mob!” Colleen &

                                              Hugo 7mths Ginger/White Male
                                              Harper 7mths Black Male &
                                              Harrison 7mths Ginger /White
                                              Male Brothers. Harper is the timid
                                              boy & Harrison the brave one &
                                              Hugo the bold one.

                                              Bondi 20wks pretty & sweet
                                              Tabby female. Very adoptable!

                                              Lady Marmalade 7mths Ginger/
                                              White Female A very pretty and
                                              friendly little girl.

                                              Brick 1yr Tabby/White Male He’s
                                              very friendly & playful.

                                              Pinocchio & Jiminy 2yrs White/
                                              Black Males ( bonded brothers )
                                              A gorgeous & cuddly pair. Sponsor:
                                              Somewhere a loving home waits!”
                                              Lesley Cansdell & Titch the cat &
                                              “In loving memory of Joey & Rosie!”
                                              Pat Broderick & Big Joey

                                              Lil & Tommy 1yr Black/White
                                              Female/Male ( bonded siblings )
                                              Both shy at first but quickly warm
                                              to the gentle touch of cat lovers.

                                              Adeline 2yrs Blue Torti Female
                                              A gentle, quiet girl with unusual &
                                              unique colouring.
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