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• Feline  FEATURE                                        DOUBLE THE BENEFITS

Loving Pairs – why TW0 kitties
      are better than ONE!

There are many well-known joys and health benefits for having a fur-child in your family…
and if you have two then the benefits are doubled!

 Some of the benefits that you can generally
 expect include:

• You get twice the amount of purrs and cuddles

     which have been proven to have therapeutic
     benefits for humans, try reading:

• A bonded pair are very comfortable in each

     other’s company and you do not need to provide
     them with as much attention as a single kitty –
     very helpful when they are active kittens as play-
     time can be extensive ;)

• They are less likely to get anxious or stressed if

     there are scary incidents such as thunderstorms
     or new people arrive, they tend to watch how the
     other kitty reacts to set a tone of behaviour

• They are less likely to get lonely or up to

     destructive behaviour when you are not there, ie
     the other “partner” provides a level of confidence
     and stability

• You get to save two lives rather than just one!

Old fridge magnet saying:

Cats are like potato chips,
you just can’t stop at one
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