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Some bonded pairs are best friends forever (BFF), they are literally                     Written by
inseparable and may get anxious when they do not know where their                      Deb Rouse
partner is. However, not all pairs of kitties are best friends though they will still
provide the above benefits without cuddling together all day long.

It is generally easier gaining two cats as a “bonded pair” from a rescue shelter
as you will be able to see for yourself the behaviour as described by the
rescuers before adopting.

                                           • With older kitties their personalities will be

                                                well formed and should only subtly further
                                                develop over time with you and your family.

                                           • With kittens from the same litter, they will

                                                generally be bonded, however their
                                                personalities will develop greatly over the
                                                first year, and while they may be very close
                                                as little kittens, it is possible they will
                                                become separate characters and will
                                                develop different interests, and then spend
                                                more time apart when they are older.  It is lovely to see two kitties curled up together,
videos/581287418882881/                    but don’t worry if your two are not that close…
                                           remember they are also very much emotionally tied
                                           to yourself and your family and friends. You will all

                                           provide the loving and comforting home together.

                                           Featured pair of kitties are:“ LOGAN & LEVI ”

                                           LEVI 20mths Black & White Female
                                           Levi has many loves...She loves lying in the sun,
                                           she loves cardboard boxes, she loves her dinner, but
                                           most of all she LOVES, LOVES, LOVES...Logan

                                           LOGAN 20mths Ginger & White Male
                                           Logan has many loves… he loves to play and run, he
                                           loves his toys (especially toys on a stick!!) but most of
                                           all he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES...Levi.

                                           These two beautiful bonded kitties share a secret. Both
                                           are FIV positive. They are NOT sick but just need good
                                           food and proper care to live long, healthy lives.

                                                 Sponsors: “ A loving home soon!” Sam & Joy
                                             Jenkins & With best wishes from the 4 Kane Kitties
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