Page 4 - DoggieRescue CATS E-Magazine May 2018
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                                                                PLEASE TELL ME WHAT ARE...

                                  SHELTER CATS?

CLICK      Little Calvin has found himself in a place with
HERE       many other homeless animals. At 6 months old
for video  he is still a baby and does not understand. So
of Calvin  I am going to introduce you to a few of his
           newfound friends and try to explain to him just
           what the term “SHELTER CATS” really means.

           Dear Calvin,

           You are a SHELTER CAT because you were
           abandoned and ended up in a pound. Even though
           you were not adopted directly from the pound you
           were luckily chosen to be amongst all the other
           kitties going to rescue and your life was saved.

           • Did you know Calvin that shelter cats are a

               VERY special breed? Though they can be
               any size, shape, age or colour shelter cats
               are special because they have been given
               a second chance at life, just like you have!

A SHELTER CAT can be any age, but many are kittens like handsome brothers Harper, Harrison & Hugo

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