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MAY 2018 DOGGIERESCUE.COM CATS E- MAGAZINE                                       5
The reason why so many cats are ABANDONED

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and end up in a SHELTER isn’t BLACK or WHITE               Despite her young age Lady Marmalade already
      Beautiful Esmerelda has been a mum too...            knows the fear and uncertainty of being in a pound.

                                                           • Shelter cats have all been discarded with no

                                                               thought to their fears, wants, needs or age



While their past is unknown, their future undecided,       Even shelter cats who are stunningly beautiful,
Shelter cats still LOVE, and seek love in return like the  with loveable purrsonalities, can take a long time
gorgeous Adeline in the photo above. See story p8          to be adopted when they are a strongly bonded
                                                           pair like Jiminy and Pinocchio above. Yet to
                                                           adopt two already bonded cats is ideal….

“ Calvin did you know that for every SHELTER CAT waiting to be adopted there is another POUND CAT
wanting to be RESCUED. That is why it is so important to ADOPT A SHELTER CAT for you save TWO lives.”

                                  For more information on cats promoted please see 7
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