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DR vollies are welcome to the
Kitty Wrangler Café during
National Volunteers Week

Are you a Doggie Rescue volunteer? Then        “Volunteering is time willingly
you deserve some fun-time!                    given for the common good and

Over the week 21st to 27th May, come and            without financial gain.”
meet our kitties over a cuppa, as our way of         Volunteering Australia
saying “thank you!”
                                                       & don’t forget their
                                                effort/labour & caring! (also
                                              known as blood, sweat & tears)

Volunteers                                    Volunteers are essential to our rescue work, so
Tash &                                        many vollies help in saving and rehoming our
Evie with                                     kitties & doggies. And during this week, we want
Pinocchio                                     to say thank you and invite you to take some time
                                              out to enjoy getting to know the ones you are
                                              directly helping. Our kitties will enjoy meeting you!

                                              We’d like to thank the following groups
                                              of volunteers who help out with our kitties:

                                                • the transporters
                                                • the kitty wranglers
                                                • the CSRs
                                                • the photographers & video/movie makers
                                                • the social media editors
                                                • the laundry teams & the dog vollies who

                                                       help us out every day
                                                • the dog feeders, as they also help with

                                                       washing up cat plates, and help the hands
                                                       with feeding the cats, and a few help the
                                                       hands with cleaning the kitty litters.
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