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          5 Things the Most Successful Entrepreneurs Do Before Breakfast

          By The Hartford,

         Many entrepreneurs are like other adults in   Joe Howard, head buff at WP Buffs, bikes
         the hours before their day officially begins.   to and from the office every day to fit in
         They rise, get dressed, maybe read the paper,  his exercise, he says. "It's about a 30-
         glance at their emails, look at their schedule,  minute ride through traffic, so it definitely
         eat some breakfast or enjoy a cup of coffee,   gets my blood pumping. Riding helps me
         and then they head out to start their day.   clear my mind and tackle any anxiety I'm
         But the most successful entrepreneurs are   feeling so that when I get to work, I'm ready  school together "to maximize the quality
         different. They don't just rush out the door   to dig in."               time we do have."
         each morning. Before starting work, they   "Physical activity is a well-known energy   Tony and Allison Liddle together
         invest time in activities likely to help them be  booster," says Vanderkam. "If you have more  own Prosper Wealth Management and,
         more productive, happier, and more ener-  energy, you're better able to focus on tough   while they work in the same office, they
         gized, says Laura Vanderkam, author   business issues, and to get your work done   don't necessarily spend much time to-
         of What the Most Successful People Do   without feeling exhausted." The better your   gether during the work day, says Tony
         Before Breakfast. Entrepreneurs have the   level of fitness, the greater your stamina, and  Liddle. "So every morning before the kids
         most control over their schedule in the   the higher your daily productivity, Vander-  wake up and before we do anything else,
         morning, so setting aside time for these ac-  kam concludes.             is 'us' time. Just talking, drinking coffee,
         tivities early in the day makes it easier to   2. They spend time with family.   and enjoying each other's presence," he
         make them a habit.                                                       says.
                                              It's hard to control exactly when you leave
         Here are five things the most successful en-  work, grants Vanderkam, so reconvening at   "Starting a business can be stressful on a
         trepreneurs do before breakfast:                                         relationship," says Vanderkam, which is
                                              the end of every day for dinner can often be
         1. They exercise.                    difficult. What can you control? When you   why spending time with your spouse
         "It's so important for people who have busy   start work. A family breakfast is one way   and/or children helps stay you connected
                                                                                  and close.
         lives to take care of themselves," says Van-  some entrepreneurs enjoy starting their day.
         derkam, and "the people who exercise in the  Breakfast doesn't have to be the focus, how-
         morning are more consistent." Research re-  ever. Toshi Yamamoto, founder and CEO   To read the full
         ported in Health Psychology confirms this.   of ChatWork,and his wife take their kids to   article click here.
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