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          The Well Visit
          Michal Waechter

         Well Child visit, Annual visit, Physi-  Babies and the Young Child   We   ten done during the well visit. We
         cal… words you may have heard for  review growth, development, nutri-    like to encourage children and ado-
         this important visit with your child’s  tion, oral and dental care, as well as   lescents to see their primary care
         physician. Well child visits are more   the physical exam. We also spend   physician for their annual physical
         important than you may realize. Chil- time discussing anticipatory guid-  or sports physical, to be able to
         dren see their pediatrician 9 times for  ance, topics to help prevent illness   track a child’s history. Children that
         well visits before their second birth-  and injury, and expected milestones   have weight concerns or family his-
         day. Most parents are aware of these  to come. We will also ask questions   tory also may need lab screening for
         early visits as a baby and                                                       things like diabetes or ele-
         toddler, but these visits                                                        vated cholesterol as well as
         should continue through                                                          building a plan to help
         childhood and adoles-                                                            reach healthy lifestyle goals.
         cence as well.                                                                   High School Senior  The
                                                                                          senior students getting
         So, what is so important                                                         ready for college also may
         or what are done at these                                                        need paperwork and vac-
         visits, you may ask. We                                                          cine updates such as the
         were just there for an ear                                                       new Meningitis B vaccine,
         infection or cold, why do                                                        the Meningitis booster, and
         we need to go back for another visit?   to review for possible underlying   the HPV vaccine. We also like to
         Or if my child is healthy and doesn’t   illness and go over any parental con-  discuss with this population healthy
         need vaccines, what’s the point of go-  cerns.                           lifestyle planning with eating, exer-
         ing? From head circumference and     Older Child and Adolescent   We     cise, as well as good decision mak-
         anemia screens for the babies to scoli- screen for any behavior or learning   ing skills in social and other set-
         osis and depression screening for the  concerns, anxiety or depression, and   tings.
         adolescents; there are guidelines for   often will speak to the child with the
         what should be done during each of   parent out of the room to review    The summer season is a busy time
         these visits as well as a set of time   any other concerns the child wishes   in the pediatric office for physicals,
         specifically to discuss vital topics.    to discuss. We also continue to re-  so call early and book your appoint-
         These visits are recommend by the    view growth, check blood pressure,   ment for this important visit.
         American Academy of Pediatrics,      and monitor puberty progression
         AAP, as well as felt to be valuable   and things that come with this, in-
         enough that most insurances cover    cluding acne and menstruation. This
         these visits without a co-pay or cov-  consistency of visits also helps form
         ered fully. Vaccines are a part of some   a relationship with the child as well
         visits, but this is actually a very small   as build trust as the child goes
         portion of the well visits. Chronic ill-  through adolescence and the deci-
         ness and acquired diseases can show   sions and pressures that come with
         subtle signs early on that can be dis-  this age.
         covered at well visits, such as hypo-  Camp or Sport Physical  These
         thyroidism, celiac disease, diabetes,   physicals and questionnaires are
         anxiety and several others. Some skin  more than just a formality, but used
         and physical exam findings can also   to help prevent sudden cardiovascu-
         be signs of underlying illness that may  lar death and other injury or illness
         be first noted at a well visit.      during activity. These forms are of-
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