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         The Basic Social Media Mistakes Companies Still Make
         Keith A. Quesenberry,

         Over 90% of medium and large business-  approach sounds like it makes sense, but it  have corporate blogs, and one-third
         es have used social media in their marketing   can trap you in a social media–only per-  (33%) are on Pinterest. If you are not
         for five years or longer. Yet the CMO Survey   spective. After all, how much is that like,   using these or other platforms, you could
         reveals that nearly half of marketers are unable   comment, or share actually worth to your  be missing out on valuable business op-
         to show the impact of their social media in-  business? Unless you connect your social   portunities.
         vestments. That’s why, no matter what your   media actions to broader business goals
         social media strategy is, it’s always a good                             For example, research has found that
         idea to go back and make sure you have                                       93% of Pinterest users plan purchas-
         the basics covered. Your company may                                         es on the platform and 87% have
         discover that it needs a strategic do-over.                                  made a purchase after seeing a prod-
                                                                                      uct they liked. Other platforms, such
         Philip Kotler once said, “You should nev-                                    as Snapchat, may be the ideal place to
         er go to battle before you’ve won the war                                    reach certain demographics (say, Mil-
         on paper.” But countless businesses have                                     lennials). Instagram has played an
         done just that with social media. Although                                   integral role in helping to lift sales for
         97% of Fortune 500 corporations are on                                       brands including Gatorade. And busi-
         LinkedIn, 84% are on Facebook, and                                           nesses that have prioritized blogging
         86% are on Twitter, many brands entered                                      are 13 times more likely to receive
         the social media front lines without a clear                                 positive ROI.
         strategy. Social was an add-on to existing
         plans — another outlet to deliver the                                        So how do you ensure that your so-
         marketing message. Later, marketers found   from the beginning, ROI can be elusive,   cial media efforts are aligned with what
         themselves working backward to connect their   and social media becomes an end unto   matters to your company — and that you
         social strategy to business strategy, as manag-  itself.                 are positively contributing to the bottom
         ers demanded greater proof of ROI.     The second mistake is to limit your brand   line? Start by basing your social strategy
                                                                                  on business objectives, then follow that
         There are a few common mistakes that mar-  presence to the most popular social media   by thinking about target market, social
         keters make with social media. The first is to   channels. Success often depends on having   media platforms, tools, and metrics.
         start with social media objectives. Marketers   a multichannel social media strategy. Yet
         take a channel such as Facebook, Twitter, or   only two-thirds of the Fortune 500 (66%)      To read the full
         LinkedIn, and then set goals for raising their   are using YouTube, under half are on In-
         numbers of likes, comments, and shares. This   stagram (45%), just over one-third (36%)   article click here.
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