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Being the second largest martial art brand Green Hill products are being used in more than 160 countries around the world.

                Olympics Games       European Judo                                   Boxing World
                 2012, London        Championships                                   Championship
                   Rebranding 2013,  2013, Budapest                                   2005, China
                                                                Sponsor Olympic and
                                                                  European Amateur                                                      BOXING GLOVES page 05
                                                                  Boxing Qualifying                                                     HEAD GUARDS page 33
                                                                  Tournament 1999,                                                      FOCUS MITTS page 43
                                                                         Ukraine                                                        KICK SHIELDS page 50
                                                                                                                                        BODY GUARDS page 53
                                          Olympic Games                                                                                 SHIN PADS page 59
                                           2004, Athens                                                                                 PROTECTIONS page 63
                                                                                                                                        GARMENTS page 69
Judo World Cup                                                                                                                          PUNCHING BAGS page 94
  2013, Brasil                                                                                                                          SPEED BALLS page 103
                                                                                                                                        FITNESS page 110

                   Green Hill is a company specialized in sports equipment for Boxing, Kick Boxing and Martial Arts.
                                           Supplier of the Olympic Games in London 2012 for judo.
                                         Supplier of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 for boxing.

                 Master Supplier of the International Judo Federation, Master Supplier of the European Judo Union.
                                       Technical Sponsor of BBT Boxing Team for professional boxing.
                                                    Technical Sponsor of W5 for kick boxing.

                               Technical Supplier to the WTF taekwondo. Technical partner of WKF karate.
Green Hill is based on the values of sportsmanship, high technical quality and athlete's safety, it is able to offer a line of products

                                                       suitable for all sports requirements.
                            Our staff is always available to help in the selection of products in the catalogue.
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