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Number 33 – Winter - Spring 2015                                          6

                                                 Bovet 1822

                                             13                              29

          CIGARS                                                                  TRAVEL
    Hôtel d’Angleterre                                                             The Royal Palm
                                                                                   In Mauritius
               Cigar lounge                                                        The Sultanate of Oman
                                                                                   Trekking on horseback
                   Davidoff                                                        Constance Lemuria Resort Hotel
The Dominican Eldorado                                                             Paradise in the Seychelles
                                                                                   Constance Ephélia Resort Hotel
         Cardhu Whisky                                                             In the Seychelles
                                                                                   Bernard Magrez’s Grande Maison
         Porsche Macan                                                             Jet Event aviation in Geneva

                                        51                                   69

                     HOTELS                                                       GASTRONOMY
            L’Apogée Courchevel                                                    Restaurant Le Patara
       A new palace at the summit                                                  Thai cuisine in Geneva
                                                                                   Benoît Violier
Royal Savoy Hotel, Lausanne                                                        An alchemist in the kitchen
                                                                                   Edgard Bovier
            Le Crans Hôtel & Spa                                                   Celebrates 10 years at
                                                                                   the Lausannne Palace & Spa
  The Fer à Cheval in Megève
                 Palais Namaskar
                          In Marrakech                                            LIFSTYLE
                                                                                   Vert’iges in Vésenaz
       Les Dromonts in Avoriaz                                                     An elegant organic grocery
                                                                                   Claris & Bagués Hotel in Barcelona
                      Marc Pierrain,                                               Hotel Manali Courchevel 1650
    President of the Clefs d’or                                                    Bellevue Hotel in Cogne
                                                                                   Five Seas Hotel in Cannes
                                        83                                         Hotel de la Cigogne in Geneva


  Lexus Nx hybrid SUV

Art Nouveau in Barcelona

 The “3Hpro” Formula
        High-level expertise

in temporary employment

     Lexus GS 350 AWD

       Véronique Lemore
    Animal portrait painter

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