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            HOA Architectural Review Committee A HOA Committee that
            reviews additions and improvements to homes in the community
            to assure compliance with the HOA Covenants and Restrictions.

            HOA Covenants,  Conditions, and  Restriction (CC&Rs)  A
            restriction on the use or development of land, or which requires
            affirmative actions to be performed like the payment of dues to a
            Homeowners Association, maintenance of common open space,
            etc. This is set forth in a recorded agreement, and that runs with
            the land and is binding upon subsequent owners of the property.
            When there is a conflict between  local governing laws and the
            HOA covenants, the stricter of the two take precedent.

            HOA Governance  Usually HOA's are structured as private
            corporations or private unincorporated associations (commonly as
            non-profit ones). HOA's are governed by federal and state statutes
            applicable  to corporations (or unincorporated associations if so
            structured), as well as the HOA's own "governing documents".

            HOA Board of Directors  Initially the board is composed of
            developer-appointed members, in order to maintain the character
            of the community that the developer has for it. As the percentage
            of ownership shifts from the  developer toward owners, the
            corresponding percentage changes from developer-appointed
            members to homeowners elected at an annual meeting, and
            ultimately the board will consist solely of  homeowner-elected
            members. Usually the board (or parts of it) will be elected at an
            annual meeting of the homeowners, as specified in the Bylaws.

            HOA Management  Many homeowners associations hire
            management companies to handle  the governing duties  of the
            association. Management services are typically divided into three
            categories: financial only, full management, and on-site
            management. Financial services typically cover administration of
            bank accounts, bookkeeping, assessment collection, and the HOAs

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