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LiveScan clearance requirements vary by college. LiveScan is
        costly and not always easily accessible. This is a barrier for
        our EDU fieldwork students.

        Another possibility is requiring a Certificate of Clearance.
        LEAP work group members would like to require a Certificate
        of Clearance if consistent funding can be secured to support
        students with this cost.

        $70-100 per LiveScan
        LAUSD requires mandatory LiveScan for Practicum class
        LAUSD will pick up LiveScan fee for first 30 students (from a
        college site)
        Site specific, but can get LiveScan through the college (SMC)
        Consistency with where to get LiveScan
        Equity issue (LiveScan - student equity funds? Perkins? Where
        else can the COC be funded? Do we have something like CDTC
        for EDU?)
        How are TPP students being supported? Can we leverage this?
        Some LiveScans are more comprehensive than others: Some
        are FBI/DOJ some are only FBI
        Long time ago- campus would hire students who were
        completing fieldwork and campus would LiveScan students.
        LiveScan fee waivers are needed – CDTC for EDU

        Certificate of Clearance
        $50 cost to students

        Maybe something we consider recommending/requiring
        for our fieldwork students
        lasts 5 years so they will transfer with it to 4 year

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