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EDU teacher preparation students will face many challenges
        along the path.

        Identifying the choke points/barriers
        LiveScan cost/access
        Certificate of Clearance cost/paperwork
        Cost of tests
        Passing tests
        Other expectations within teaching
        Financial assistance may be needed for many students

        There is much discussion still desired in the area of EDU
        Fieldwork. Topics include:
        Should every campus offer a 3 unit Introduction to Teaching
        fieldwork course?
        What do we want this class to be? A survey course?
        How do we cover everything?
        Fieldwork should be TK-12 including Special Education
        CID Education 200 – focus on Elementary school
        Qualities of effective teacher or school admin
        Response to Intervention (RTI)
        Children with disabilities
        Maybe consider a part 1 and a part 2 class? A deeper dive?
        Expose students to the profession. Cast a wide net? Which
        Fieldwork hours – midterm check in needed for all students
        Simulation labs – explore this possibility more
        What did we learn to enhance the 45 hour EDU fieldwork

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