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Currently, a handful of Los Angeles regional colleges such as Rio
        Hondo College, Cerritos College and Long Beach College
        (pending) offer an AA-T in Elementary Teacher Education.
        Education Certificates available vary by college, with a heavy
        concentration in Early Childhood Education. The Early Childhood
        Education pathway requires students to complete coursework
        at the community college level (it is optional to go beyond the
        required CORE 24 ECE units), and the TK-12 Education pathway
        requires coursework through graduate level (BA plus teaching
        credential) to enter the workforce. It is essential to offer
        certificate and degree opportunities in BOTH ECE and EDU
        (TK-14) for future teachers.

        Los Angeles consistently historically employs many under
        qualified staff within their elementary, junior high and high
        schools. When we look at the qualifications of STEM junior high
        and high school faculty, we find an even smaller number of
        qualified teachers. The Los Angeles Education Alignment Project
        seeks to align teacher preparation coursework so community
        college students can seamlessly navigate courses within the Los
        Angeles Community College district that support them on their
        pathway to the teaching workforce.

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