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Central themes were brought up multiple times during our

        Areas of Interest/Possible Regional Development

        1. Special Education
        Refine what we are doing
        Market opportunities including classes, certificates and degree
        options for students
        Disseminate to students and campus stakeholders, plus
        community including TK-12 partner districts

        2. Paraprofessional opportunities: certificates, degree
        May increase Teaching Assistant pay scale placement
        (agreement with partner districts)

        3. STEM (single subject) Teacher pathways

        4. CTE Teacher pathways

        5. Bilingual Education Teacher Pathway

        Many colleges in the region offer EDU Fieldwork classes,
        though their names differ.
        Cerritos EDEL 200         LA Mission EDUC01
        Citrus CHILD 100          Mt. SAC EDUC10
        East LA EDUC 203          LA Pierce EDUC01
        El Camino Education 201   Santa Monica College Education 12
        LA Harbor EDUC01          LA Southwest College EDUC01
        LA City College EDUC01    LA Valley College EDUC 203
        LA Trade Tech EDUC01      West LA EDUC01
        Long Beach EDUC 20
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