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Other EDU courses available to students include:
        Cerritos: EDEL 105, EDEL 100   Mt. SAC: EDUC 16
        East LA: EDUC 01               LA Pierce: EDUC 010, EDUC 200,
        El Camino: EDUC 101            EDUC 203
        Long Beach: EDUC 10, EDUC 40,   LA Southwest: EDUC 203
        EDUC 130                       LA Valley: EDUC02
        LA Mission: EDUC 203           West LA: EDUC 211

        Please refer to the LEAP Matrix for more details on EDU
        courses, certificates and degrees

        Industry Needs
        Special Education                                    STEM Education
        Bilingual Education                                 CTE Education

        Innovative EDU Course Examples
        Santiago Canyon College                      Bakersfield College

        One essential component of course alignment is  agreements.

        EDU Agreements are the components that all colleges in the
        region feel should be included in the EDU 45 hour fieldwork
        course description and course outline. Some of these are
        required by CSU partners, while other have been determined
        by the LEAP fall 2020 work group.

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