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10. Relate course content to real classrooms through
        satisfactory completion of a minimum of 45 hours of approved
        fieldwork including structured assignments, observations, and
        reflections that demonstrate the observer’s ability to
        a. Recognize and describe examples of teaching events that
        implement some elements of the CSTP and TPEs;
        b. Observe the use of state adopted academic content and
        performance standards;
        c. Compare and contrast classroom environments;
        d. Recognize and describe individual differences among
        students and identify strategies and accommodations used to
        address these differences;
        EDU 200 C-ID can be found at

        Through our LEAP work group we discovered that the
        fieldwork placement process varies campus by campus. This
        is an area of alignment opportunity for the region.

        EDU Fieldwork Placements
           Student-placed or
           Program-placed or
           Given a list of participating schools
           Who is responsible for students getting their fieldwork
           Custodian of record – makes a decision usually made by a
           legal team –  why do some faculty have to take on this role?
           Self-agency exercise with students
           Some campuses give students options (Ex. Are you currently
           working in a classroom? Are you a parent? Try to reach out to
           a local school. If not, reach out to local partners.)
           Document/statement is needed – What can I show my school?
           This will encourage schools to allow entry.
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