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Summit Refrigeration Group, Inc.

                                     From the

                                     Volume 7 • Issue 2 | April - June 2021

                                      SPOTLIGHT PROJECT

                       Condenser Replacement to support East Regional Distribution

                                    Project Manager & Engineer: Joseph Fties

                                    Construction Manager: Mike Dane
                                    Foreman: Justin Landowski
                                    Start Up Technician: Tom Fredricks

        Project Information

        In November 2020, one of our Food Distribution
        customers approached Summit Refrigeration Group
        with a request to replace the (3) aging ammonia
        condensers with one large condenser. The request for a

        large condenser was to regain the refrigeration capacity
        loss due to the condenser age deficiency.

        The existing ammonia system had enough compression
        capacity to handle the existing warehouse distribution

        refrigeration load, however, the condensers had
        suffered substantial decrease in refrigeration capacity
        due to their age, and this deficiency caused an increase

        in compression energy consumption and effected the
        warehouse temperature.
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