Page 2 - 2nd Quarter 2021 Newsletter
P. 2

During the proposal stage, Summit Refrigeration Group confirmed that the existing (3) pumps’
        water supply to the old condensers was not sufficient for the new large condenser. The water flow
        supply of the (3) pumps was only at 80% for the new requirement, so we proposed to replace the

        (3) existing water pumps with (2) larger pumps. The customer accepted the proposal (with keeping
        one of the old pumps for an emergency back-up).

        In addition, Summit proposed to evaluate the existing condensers’ structural steel to accommodate
        the new condenser’s operating weight. They accepted the evaluation proposal as well, and the

        work on the evaluation and modifying the existing structural steel was done prior to the shipping
        and receiving of the new condenser.

        One of the challenges we were faced with was to keep part of the refrigeration system running
        while replacing the water pumps. We also had to modify the condenser structural steel prior to

        removing the old condensers and installing the new condenser. The project was completed on time
        and testing was done during the week of May 3, 2021.
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