Page 7 - 2nd Quarter 2021 Newsletter
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                       Introduction to Ammonia Refrigeration Theory & Operation

                                                       August 3-4
                                                     November 9-10

                  Initial & Refresher Training for Ammonia Awareness and Response

                                                        August 18

                Developing & Implementing PSM for Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

                                                    September 15-16

                                                 Call or email to register:
                                        (262) 781-5757 |

              Check our website for our full training schedule:

                 **Virtual training options are always available as well. Contact us to discuss details.

                                            SRG SAFETY DAY

            Summit will be having our Annual Safety Day on June
            17th this year. Our team will be going through many

            training sessions, including:
                • Workplace Accident Prevention

                • Fire Safety
                • Hot Work Permits
                • Forklift Safety

                • Driver Safety
                • Blood Born Pathogens

 Can you match these   • CPR
 pictograms with the   • AED
 corresponding hazard?
            Thank you to Dave Anderson and his team from
            Anderson 360 Solutions for instructing our Safety Day

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