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2nd QUARTER                                  Birthdays

                                        PERSONALS                                 Brian Nitzke - April 2

                                                                                  Alex West - April 2
                                                                                  Rick DeGroot - April 7
                                                                                  Ralph Bonn - April 21
                                        Congratulations to our                    Phillip Radtke - April 27
                                        Service Manager, Mike                     Jesse Kulis - May 1

                                        Missall and his family, on                Mike Sobczak - May 30
                                        the birth of their 4th boy!               Tom Molitor - June 2

                                        Barrett (Bear) was born                   Fred Anderson - June 3
                                        on April 26th.                            Jason Davis - June 12
                                                                                  Steve Hershelman - June 15
                                        Welcome Little Man!                       Peggy Chapman - June 20

          Kudos go out to Steve Hershelman, one of our Service Techs who has been with Summit since
           2008, for attending the CO2 Training at the Garden City Ammonia Training (GCAP) facility in
                                                     Garden City, KS.

            “I found the Garden City Ammonia Program training center to be a top notch facility. The CO2
          Technician class was very informative with time split between classroom and hands on training.”
        Steve said. “The classroom consisted of theory, different system designs, and safety. The hands on
         portion consisted of using their Mayekawa NewTon 3000 Cascade (Brine) Pumped CO2 package
        system. It uses ammonia with a 100 pound charge as the high side, with a semi-hermetic two stage
           compressor and CO2 on the low side, that uses a Teikoku sealed pump to push the liquid CO2
           to two evaporators in a small freezer. We got to charge the system that was in a deep vacuum
          from a 600 pound cylinder and then start and adjust the valves and settings to achieve optimum

         There was also a field trip to an ethanol plant where the by-product of the process is CO2 which is
        collected and compressed to 2,200 PSIG and sent 7 miles by underground pipe to an oil field. They
         then went to the oil field where the CO2 is compressed again and injected into the ground to help
                                              push the oil up to the derricks.

                                    We had a blast celebrating Fred’s
                                    birthday at the office...

                                    HAPPY  BIRTHDAY FRED!                   Work Anniversaries
                                                                            Zach Staedler - 2 years in April

                                                                            Jim Wierzbicki - 2 years in April
                                                                            Nick Chapp - 4 years in May
                                                                            Susan Molkenthen - 13 years in June
                                                                            Peggy Chapman - 13 years in June

                                                                            Justin Landowski - 7 years in June
                                                                            Joseph Fties - 1 year in June
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