Page 9 - 2nd Quarter 2021 Newsletter
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                                                          Our local Community League of Menomonee Falls
                                                          held their first annual “Color Mix” fundraiser in May.
                                                          We purchased 18 pots of these beautiful petunias,
                                                          which was a great way to brighten up the office and

                                                          our homes, while giving back to our community.

                                                          Pictured here are Summit ladies Peggy,
                                                          Karen, Susan, Leigh and Jackie.
                                                          Ladies not pictured: Jeanne and Danielle.

          FUN FACTS

          • The sailfish has been clocked at speeds of over 60mph
          • Recycled paper is made using 40% less energy than normal paper

          • “Challenger Deep” is the deepest point on earth and can hold 25 Empire State
            Buildings end to end
          • Marine animals swim by moving their tails up & down, while fish swim by moving
            their tails left & right

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