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Grand Lodge of Washington
                     Gr and Lodg e of W ashingt on                Scouts for many years and is actually part of a much larger
                               Masonic Tribune
                             Masonic T       r ibune              essay on teaching and serving youth. Its central message
                                  CIX N
                             Vol Volume XCII No.1 - Summer Issue - Page 3e - Page 10  is right on target for what we can do for our youth today and
                               ume X
                                      .2 - S
                                           g 2017-18   I
                                                                  specifically our Masonic youth.
                                                                  Many of you as Masons have answered the call to serve our
                    Legislative Update: (Continued from page 7)   youth in some capacity, supporting them in some fashion,
                                                                  either through financial means, going to one of their functions
                             were  present:  Representative       or becoming an Advisor. For that, I thank you & I know our
                             Jake Fey, who co-sponsored the       youth groups appreciation of your efforts is beyond measure.
                             bill, our Grand Master, MWB War-
                             ren Shoeben, MWB Jim Mendo-          To  take  it  a  step  further,  many  of  our  Brethren’s  children
                                                                  and  Grandchildren  have  joined  and  benefitted  greatly  by
                             za, who was Grand Master when        their membership and participation in Jobies, Rainbow and
                             SB  5346  passed,  and  several      DeMolay. Many of the valuable lessons we learn in Masonry
                             other Brethren of our Jurisdiction.   are emulated throughout their rituals and programs. I know
                             It was a great day for our Frater-   myself how proud I was of my children and how they grew
                             nity, and the Legislators involved   through their own participation. It’s been a multigenerational
                             were  very  appreciative  of  our    legacy of sorts in my family – as a youth, my Dad introduced
                             support of this excellent scholar-   the children in my family to Masonic youth (where I met my
                             ship program. I encourage you to     wife) and then in turn we did the same for our kids. I can’t
        participate in next year’s “Day on the Hill”; you will find the   imagine where we would all be or how we would have turned
        trip to Olympia very worthwhile.                          out had we not had the experience.
                                                                  Sadly, and for whatever reasons I do not understand, far too
        While there is more to go in the Session as I author this   many Masons in Washington have sons, daughters, Grand-
        article,  plans  are  already  being  discussed  among  the   kids, nieces, nephews, etc, that are not in a Masonic youth
        Lodges in the 20th Legislative District to host visits with   group....why not?  I know in today’s world many of them are
        our three Legislators. All three are looking forward to vis-  busy with lots of other activities, but from my experience, the
        iting with us. The same holds true for the Legislators of   busier the kids, the better. Besides, it’s a great way to get
        the  8th  Legislative  District  in  Kennewick  and  Richland,   them off their cell phones and interacting with other good
        thanks to the efforts of WB Luis Ojeda, one of the newer   kids. In addition, it’s a wonderful way to expose and involve
        members of this committee. I invite you to join us, give   your family in our great Fraternity.
        your Legislators a call, and invite them to your Lodges for   So what exactly is your Masonic legacy? Is it the offices you
        a visit. You will be surprised at how receptive our Legis-  held, the honors and awards you earned or were given or
        lators are to our Great Fraternity! Even after the Session   the functions you attended? Perhaps, but I think there is a
        is over, you can still contact your elected officials in their   much greater opportunity out there that far too many of our
        District offices.                                         Brethren have not followed through on. What have you done
        More and more Brethren of our Jurisdiction understand     or  what  can  you  do  for  the  next  generations?  Our  youth
                                                                  groups are good but no doubt would be better with your kids
        that our elected officials are interested in what we have to   & Grandkids in their membership.
        say and offer, and this is further proof that communication   Another question - how is the health of your Lodge? Do you
        is key to better educate both our Legislators, but also our-  have lots of new members and all of your offices filled or are
        selves. And that education, my brothers, gives us more    you opening meetings with less than 10 members and recy-
        opportunity to make, and be, a difference in our communi-  cling PM’s through the chairs? How many men do you have
        ties! Thank you for your support.                         that are under the age of 40 or even 50? Most of our youth
                                                                  group’s members have fairly active parents and many of their
        Fraternally,                                              Fathers are not Masons. Here’s a great opportunity to meet
        VWB Clayton La Vigne                                      men from your community and present a positive impression
                                                                  of Masonry. More often than not, they’ll ask you about our
        Chairman, Legislative Affairs Task Force                  Fraternity and many times become interested in joining.
                                                                  Brethren, it’s time - time to have your children join one of
        What’s your Masonic Legacy?                               our youth groups, it’s time to get involved with our youth. If
                                                                  you don’t have a youth group that meets close by, it’s time to
                                                                  sponsor & open one in your Hall.
                                                                  I  guarantee  your  Lodge  will  become  stronger,  the  youth
                                                                  groups will be better, your offspring will benefit along with
                                                                  many more positive effects and all because you chose to
                                                                  do something. Here’s your chance to help our youth, your
                                                                  Lodge….and in my eye, share, if not create your Masonic
              number of years ago, when I first became a DeMolay   Legacy.
              advisor, someone gave me a business card that had   Let’s explore the possibilities - visit your local youth group
        A nice poem that read “A hundred years from now it        today. If you have questions or don’t know where to begin,
        will not matter what my bank account was, the sort of house I   contact one of our committee members or myself –
        lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be differ-
        ent because I was important in the life of a child” This inspira-
        tional piece was written by Forest WitCraft who worked with   WB John Danner
                                                                  Chairman, Youth Committee              Table of Contents
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