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Gr and Lodg e of W ashingt on
                     Grand Lodge of Washington
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                             Vol Volume XCII No.1 - Summer Issue - Page 3e - Page 3
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                                           g 2017-18   I
                           MOVING FORWARD
                                 s we came in search of “Light”, we have    Throughout our history, from the time of Opera-
                                 heard the Obligations and Charges recit-   tive  to  Speculative  Masonry,  the Traditions  and
                           Aed  in  our  Lodges  many  times.  Hearing,     Customs of our Craft passed down from genera-
                           being one of the Five Senses of Human Nature,    tion to generation has allowed our Craft to remain
                           is part of the “Communication” process, while ac-  the largest and oldest Fraternity in the world.
                           tually listening and comprehending are part of the   We must continue to support our essential Tra-
                           “Education” process.                             ditions  and  Customs  though  continued  training
                           As Masons, we are committed to living and prac-  and education both in our communities and in our
                           ticing Masonry twenty-four hours a day and sev-
                   Warren R. Schoeben  for us. If we are to discuss and promote the true   the  Educational  resources  available.  There  are
                           en days a week, not only when it is convenient
                                                                            I  am  asking  each  of  you  to  take  advantage  of
                                                                            Brothers  to  assist  with  Lodge  Secretary,  Trea-
                           “Virtues” of our Craft, we must first ourselves be
                 MOST WORSHIPFUL Brother
                                                                            surer  and  Temple  Board  concerns  along  with
                           an example for others to follow.
                                                                            committees that are there to assist in providing
                           Through technology came Facebook, Twitter, In-
                                                                            information or providing speakers, if requested.
                           stagram and many others that have streamlined
                                                                            These resources are in place to assist Lodges in
                           the  process  by  which  we  are  able  to  instanta-
                           neously communicate with one another. As Ma-
                                                                            Craft for another 300 years.
                           sons,  we  must  remain  mindful  of  how  we  use
                           these  communications  and  the  information  we   the continued strength and growth of our beloved
                           plan on sharing with the rest of the world, mes-
                           sages that may be deleted, but will never com-   MWB Warren R. Schoeben
                           pletely  disappear.  We  must  think  twice  before   Grand Master
            Grand Master
                           we hit the send button and ask ourselves, “Am I
                           being a good representative of the Craft?” There   “COMMUNICATE TO EDUCATE”
                           are many of those individuals in society that pro-
                           mote negative information regarding FreeMason-
                           ry, we are not and cannot be here to assist them.
                           On  January  29th,  2018,  we  joined  with  others
                           during our annual Legislative Day at the Capital
                              Olympia. With 10-15 minute appointments, we
                           were able to converse with our individual District
                           Representatives and Senators. We were able to
                           share information regarding Masonry, Washing-
                           ton  Masonic  Charities  and  speak  about  “Bills”
                           supported by our Grand Lodge Legislative Task
                            If you have not in the past, consider inviting your
                           District Representative or Senator to one of your
                           Lodge Scholarship or Bikes for Books Program.
                           These events are great opportunities to provide
                           information on who the Masons are and how we
                           support our youth and education throughout our
                            In late October, I had the Great Privilege to trav-
                           el to England, representing the Grand Lodge of
                           Washington during England’s 300th Anniversary
                           of  FreeMasonry.  I  met  with  approximately  200
                           Sitting  Grand  Masters  and  4000  Masons  total
                           from throughout the world for this incredible cel-
                           ebration. As to the exact age of the Lodges, that
                           formed the Grand Lodge of England 300 years
                           ago, well that still remains one of the mysteries   MWB Warren R. Schoeben in attendance at the United Grand Lodge of England 300th
                           of FreeMasonry.                                  Anniversary celebration held at the Royal Albert Hall in London, England last November
                                                                            27, 2017. The event was attended by some 1,200 Grand Masters from Masonic Juris-
                                                                            dictions worldwide together with their respective entourage.
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